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Posted by Grover Peters | Jun 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

Are you a Veteran or the Surviving Spouse of a Veteran?

The Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA") provides long-term care benefits called improved pension, which is more commonly known as VA Aid and Attendance to certain eligible people. These benefits are available to many wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who need help paying costs related to home care or assisted living care.

Unfortunately, many people give up on pursuing Aid and Attendance benefits.  This is largely due to people thinking they do not qualify after they take a look at the VA income and asset requirements. Don't make this mistake! In addition, the qualification rule for the Aid and Attendance program changed as of October 18, 2018, so if you didn't qualify under the new qualification rules.

People who incorrectly assume that they won't qualify often don't realize that the income restrictions are not based upon gross income but are instead based on a type of net income calculated after unreimbursed medical expenses are subtracted.

They don't realize that, similar to Medicaid planning, not everything they own is counted as an asset. Some assets are exempt from being counted as an asset.  I am able to help show you that these benefits may actually be available to you.

As a VA Aid and Attendance attorney, I will take all the time necessary to get to know you  and your situation.  I will answer any questions you have regarding your eligibility  to obtain long-term care benefits from the VA, such as assessing your qualifying service, income limits and asset limits.

I will also educate you on why it is important to look at the VA Aid and Attendance program and the State Medicaid program together.  Many times, an applicant for VA Aid and Attendance benefits may also need Medicaid benefits in the future should he or she move into a nursing home. The qualification rules and exemptions for the two programs are not the same and it takes careful coordination in order to make the two programs work together. For example, if you choose an asset qualification strategy that works for the VA Aid and Attendance program without checking to see if it will also work for the State Medicaid program, you could accidentally make yourself ineligible for future Medicaid benefits.

As a retired U.S. Army Veteran myself,  I am  proud to serve our nation's veterans and their family members in obtaining benefits that can help pay for long-term care.  As an elder law attorney, I am dedicated to ensuring that each individual who comes to GCPeters Law, PLLC for assistance receives personalized guidance and the security of peace of mind; I keep my client base small for these specific reasons.

If you are a wartime veteran, the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran, or a veteran's family member, I encourage you to contact GCPeters Law to discuss whether the Aid and Attendance program may benefit your family.

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